Review Policy

Please note that as of May 2013 I am limiting my acceptance of books for review due to both high demand and chronic health issues. Please take this into consideration. 
Thank you! 

I am only able to accept hard-copies (hardbacks or paperbacks) at this time!
Whilst I appreciate the thought, please do not contact me if you are unable provide a hard copy of your book as I simply will not be able to review it.

Thank you for reading my review policy and considering me to review your book, I really appreciate it. Whether your books are traditionally or self published, I'm always honoured when personally asked to review a book.

The easiest way for you to request a review from me is by emailing me at

I am located in the United Kingdom, so wherever you are, please ensure that you are able to ship your book to me.

I will accept nearly any genre of book for review, including but not limited to chick-lit, contemporary, thriller, horror, science fiction, fantasy, paranormal, LGBT, erotica and realistic fiction. I especially enjoy any books regarding mental health or medical issues. I am willing to read young-adult and adult books.

Unfortunately, I will not accept the majority of books in the non-fiction (excluding memoirs) or religion genres and I will not books that belong to a series out of order. If your book belongs to a series, please check that I have read the previous books in the series or provide the previous books. You can discover this by visiting my Goodreads or by e-mailing me.

When I agree to read your book, I will guarantee to review it. However, I can not always guarantee to review the book within a certain time-period due to the amount of requests that I have. If it is necessary to have the book reviewed before a certain date, please enquire about this first. If I am reviewing an Advanced Review Copy (ARC), it will be up to you when the review will be posted (i.e. before or after release) if I read the book before general release. 

My review will include a synopsis (via Goodreads) and book details such as the publisher credits, release date and genre(s). I will give your book a star rating, ranging from 1-5. I will always give a honest, but fair, review for the books that I read. My reviews cover my thoughts and feelings on the book and usually include comments on the plot, characters, setting, realism of the story and more. You can check out examples of my reviews by looking through the A-Z list of my reviews [here]. 

As well as on this blog, my reviews will always be posted on Goodreads, where I currently have hundreds of friends and followers. I am an active member of Goodreads, using it every week and gaining a steady amount of likes and comments on my reviews. I am in the list of the top 100 reviewers in the UK and have retained that position for several years. I have reviewed over 400 books on the site.

I can also post my reviews on Waterstones, Amazon and The Book Depository - if you would like the review to be posted on these sites or elsewhere, please feel free to enquire.

This blog and my reviews are promoted through my Twitter account which has over 1,000 followers and my Facebook page as well as through my other project on Tumblr, which has 3,000 followers. I am very active on social networking sites and continuously looking to gain more followers.

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  1. I love your policy description, Stephanie! Can I copy it, except tailor made for me??!!
    Just kidding........ policy envy.....!!



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