Saturday, 1 March 2014

Blog Tour Stop: Dandelion Clocks

This month marks the UK release date of the latest middle grade/young adult must have book, Dandelion Clocks by Rebecca Westcott. The book follows eleven year old Olivia as she starts growing up and alongside that, has to deal with her mum's terminal illness. Dandelion Clocks may be a bit of a tear jerker at points, but author Rebecca Westcott has provided me with something that's bound to cheer you up!
 Here is an extract of Rebecca's actual diary when she was around Olivia's age:

March 1987 (aged 12)

Dear Diary,

Today has been such a cool day. Had a flute lesson at school which meant that I didn’t have to do stupid science. Excellent! Especially as my science teacher hates me and is always telling me to be quiet. Had a library session in English so I just got to sit in the corner and read Blubber. Now I want to read all of Judy Blume’s books – they’re so cool!
There’s been some scary stuff in the news about kids getting kidnapped and pulled into cars so Mum has got me an attack alarm. It’s very orange. I’m really scared about setting it off cos I think it’s meant to burst your eardrums or something, so I’ve hidden it under all my books, right at the bottom of my school bag.
Mum gave me and Elizabeth some butterscotch Angel Delight for pudding. My favourite! The first thing I am going to do when I grow up is buy a packet and eat the whole lot ON MY OWN without sharing.
Off to watch Grange Hill now. Mum’s finally agreed that I’m allowed to watch it but she keeps coming into the living room to check that it’s suitable. I really, really like Zammo A LOT.

Thank you to both Rebecca and those at Puffin for providing me with this content.
Dandelion Clocks is available to purchase on 6th March. I hope you enjoy it! 


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