Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Blog Tour Stop: Ink

This month marks the UK release date of the first book in The Paper Gods series, Ink by Amanda Sun. This is a book that is sure to be a hit with a lot of you, it's new, quite different and has a great idea behind it. I always enjoy finding out a little about the author behind the books and as I also like listening to music, I thought it would be fantastic if author Amanda Sun could create an Ink playlist to share with us. I am so happy that she's managed to conjure up this playlist to share with us all. Here is Amanda's playlist and comments about her specially chosen songs:

The Ink Playlist

I’ll admit it—my music tastes are…varied, to put it nicely. Of my top four favourite bands, one is Japanese, one Korean, one Icelandic, and one Irish. So bear with me for the INK playlist—it’s a bit of an adventure. Hopefully you’ll discover something new here in this mix that you like. :)

Monster – Arashi
This was the original “theme song” of INK when I started writing it a few years ago. It fit perfectly with the book—a monster, trying to protect and become real for the girl…but she’s still afraid of him, because at the end of it all, he’s still a monster.

My favourite part of the song is when they sing:

“I am awakened by your tears, and so I drag you away into the dark night.” 

You know he’s trying to be more than he is and save her from her sadness, but he ends up being a monster that kidnaps her. So sinister! I love it. :)

Monster – BIGBANG
This song came out while I was editing INK, and it was just perfect for the story. I love how beautiful the song is with the piano, and yet so angsty and dark. This quickly became my second official “theme song” for INK. :)

My favourite lyric in this one is:

“I’m not a monster. You know me so don’t leave like this. If even you throw me away, I will die. I’m not a monster. I think I’m sick. I think I’m sick.”

Actually, the whole song is perfect. Make sure you read the translation if you don’t speak Korean.

Falling Down – Ben Jelen
Another song where the mood and lyrics are perfect. This one’s in English, so needs less explanation. :) It makes me think of those darker times when Tomohiro just wants to give up.

“The simple truth is I’m falling, falling down, and I don’t want to drag her through the bottom.”

Tick Tock - U KISS
Another angsty song, this time a Korean band singing in Japanese. I like this one because it has the sense of running out of time, that things are going to get darker.

“Yeah this unavoidable destiny, just you alone, stay by my side. Final round going down.”

Sakura Sake – Arashi
(link: http://www.downvids.net/arashi-sakura-sake-pv-334662.html)
Here’s one that’s a little lighter! It’s all about the newness of the cherry blossoms blooming, and how we have the potential to shape the future into what we hope for.

“Don’t look back, because tomorrow isn't behind you. Go forward, go forward!”

You’re Beautiful – Chester See 
(link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jVl5s1e0Oo4
Confession—I’m a huge Chester See fan. This song makes me think of the courage Tomo and Katie have to build up to tell each other how they feel.

"Cause even when you just walk by, Well I look around to seem occupied, ‘Cause I'm trying so hard to hide, Yeah, all of these feelings inside.”

Aitai – Yuzu
(link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cYUycGj4CzE)
This song is both sad and grateful for the time spent with someone. It makes me think of Katie and her mom.

“I won't forget. Even now, you are still inside my heart. Thank you, thank you, I can't express enough my thought. Somehow, I want it to reach you.”

Big Bird in a Small Cage – Patrick Watson 
(link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BpuZ-khasgA)
This song really speaks to Katie and Tomo’s situations. Neither of them asked to put into the position they’re in now, but all they can do is move forward with what they’ve been given.

“You put a big bird in a small cage and he'll sing you a song, That we all love to sing along, To the sound of the bird that mourns.”

Canvas – Ken Hirai
How could I not have this one on the list? With all its ink and painting imagery, this song is perfect for INK. This song is about the strong friendships we have with each other, and it makes me think of Katie’s life in Japan with Yuki, Tanaka, Diane, and Tomo.

“Even if things can't remain like this, and we are washed away by the future, it'll never change, it'll never become dirty, the canvas that’s only for us.”

Many thanks to both Amanda Sun and Mira Ink for all of their time and for the hard work that's been put into this blog tour - don't forget to check out the other stops!


Amanda Sun was born in Deep River, a small town where she could escape into the surrounding forest to read. Ink is her first novel and The Paper Gods series is inspired by her time living in Osaka and travelling throughout Japan.
Visit her at www.AmandaSunBooks.com and on Twitter at @Amanda_Sun.

Book available from Amazon: http://amzn.to/12FzSMN


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