Friday, 8 February 2013

Blog Tour Stop - Born Wicked

Born Wicked is a book that I've been anticipating for a while and now I am happy to share an exclusive music soundtrack or 'playlist' of songs that relate to the themes in the book. Like a lot of other people, as well as reading, I love music and so I always love finding songs that relate to or remind me of my favourite books. 

Here are the songs that Born Wicked author, Jessica Spotswood, has chosen as a soundtrack to her novel:

 Adele: “Turning Tables”

Next time I’ll be braver / I’ll be my own savior

I feel like this applies to lots of the girls in the book and how powerless they feel in a world controlled by the Brotherhood. 

Florence and the Machine: “Rabbit Heart (Raise It Up)”
You made a deal, and now it seems you have to offer up/ But will it ever be
enough? (Raise it up, raise it up) /  It's not enough (Raise it up, raise it up)

Here I am, a rabbit hearted girl / Frozen in the headlights / It seems I've made the final sacrifice

I must become a lion hearted girl /  Ready for a fight /  Before I make the final sacrifice

This reminds me of Cate’s difficult choices as she tries to protect her sisters and outwit the Brothers and Elena. She continually feels like no matter what she does, it’s not right or it’s not enough. I think a lot of us can relate to feeling that way.

Mumford & Sons: “Sigh No More”

Love; it will not betray you / Dismay or enslave you / it will set you free / Be more like the man you were made to be

This is such a lovely lyric; it reminds me of Cate and Finn. I think Cate’s always imagined being a wife and mother to be a cage, but the possibility of marrying Finn doesn’t feel that way to her. 
Snow Patrol: “You Could Be Happy” 

You could be happy and I won’t know / But you weren’t happy the day I watched you go / And all the things that I wished I had not said / Are played in loops til it’s madness in my head

You could be happy, I hope you are / You made me happier than I’ve been by far

This is another Cate-Finn song, from Cate’s POV.  

Snow Patrol:  “Open Your Eyes”

Get up, get out, get away from these liars / ‘Cause they don’t get your soul or your fire / Take my hand, knot your fingers through mine / And we’ll walk from this dark room for the last time

            And a final Cate-Finn song, from Finn’s POV.

Many thanks to both Jessica and to Penguin for allowing me to participate in this tour and providing such a great post (I particularly love the choice of a Florence and the Machine song)!

Born Wicked is available to buy now!


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