Sunday, 5 August 2012

Debutantes Blog Tour Stop - Guest Post

I'm pleased to tell you that the Debutantes blog tour has stopped by my blog and the wonderful author, Cora Harrison, has provided a 'bookshelf' post in which she has taken some photographs of her very own bookshelves - including a shelf dedicated to books relating to Debutantes!

I hope that you enjoy this post.

Me & Books by Cora Harrison
I live in a small, old, stone-built Irish cottage and I do love it, but I so wish that I had more room as I cannot resist buying books and they do pile up – on top of wardrobes, in boxes up in the loft and in the six bookcases that I have (not counting the bookcases belonging to my husband and son).

Well, this one  is mostly full of books that we bought at Hay-on-Wye, a wonderful town with over 30 second-hand bookshops in it. We go there every couple of years and load up our estate car.  I have a nice set of Victorian novels in the top shelf – mainly Dickens who is my favourite and I see a biography of him on the second shelf.
This bookcase stands in my study. The top three shelves have non-fiction books mainly to do with books that I am currently writing, or intend to write. The top shelf is full of books about Ireland, its history and its landscape and these books I use for my series of Medieval Irish Mysteries. The second shelf is mainly books that are about subjects relating to my books ‘The Debutantes’ and the third shelf is about Tudors and Elizabethans – research for my books for adults, and also books about Victorian London, which I use for my London Murder Mysteries.
 And the last two shelves are filled with an overflow of copies of my own books.

This is the second bookcase in my study and is the tidiest and least-read bookcase in the house. It is filled with books which I wrote.

This is a bookcase in my bedroom and it’s filled with books that I read in bed – all of my Brother Cadfael books gardening books –I have a few acres of a ‘garden’ which never comes up to my expectation, except in my dreams. The book on chess openings is at the front because I mean to teach myself some new ones as my nine-year-old grandson is a great chessplayer.
These are the books in our guest ‘cabin’ – they are a funny mixture of light bed-time reading, my ‘Jane Austen’ books – by her and about her and her times, and the bottom two shelves are an overflow of engineering books from my son’s bedroom.
Many thanks to Cora for giving us some insight into her bookish life and to Pan Macmillan for allowing me to be part of this tour.
Debutantes is out NOW!
Check out my review [here].
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  1. Awesome bookshelves! My books pile up too, but I have no more room/money for shelves, so I have stacks in my closet and different places in my apt! Great post! :D


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