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Follow Friday (7)

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The question that everyone was asked this week was:

Have you ever looked at a book cover and thought 'this is going to be horrible' but, were instead pleasantly surprised?
Show us the cover and tell us about the book.

I'm one of those who does usually pick a book up because of the cover it has - so I would say that most of the books that I read actually have quite nice covers! 

However, as always, there are of course some exceptions. Firstly, I'd have to mention TV/Movie tie-in versions and original classic book covers. Whilst most that I've read have been fantastic, the covers just seem to put me off! 

Here are a few more covers that I'm not that fond of:

I think that the majority of people that I know love the cover for Under The Never Sky but I really, really don't like it - mainly due to the processed picture. I don't like the pink and red mixed font either. It all just looks really over-edited and after reading the book, I don't see the characters like that at all. I did actually really enjoy it though! 

I never really liked the original Divergent cover [left]. I thought it looked like it's going to be some awful heavily-based on sci-fi book at first. I have grown to like it now though as it just seems to suit the book - probably because I've seen it around a lot by now. I think the new UK cover [right] for it is horrible though and doesn't  suit at all!

l'm not much of a fan of these UK versions of The Hunger Games - though because I think that the series is so amazing, I have come to accept them. I just think they're a bit crass and childish. I much prefer the newer 'adult' covers and I think that the US covers look nicer, too. 

I thought that the cover on this book was so off-putting. I can't actually remember why I picked it up - maybe due to some good reviews, but I would've definitely not picked it up just from looking at the cover. It looks very boyish and war orientated - it wasn't bad at all though and I ended up really enjoying it!

They are just a few covers that made me a little hesitant of the stories behind the covers. I would probably say that I've had more let-downs from pretty book covers than not so nice ones - maybe I should try harder not to judge books by their covers!


  1. I always buy books with pretty book covers, but they always seem to stay on my TBR pile.

  2. Interesting selection, see what you mean.

  3. Hi, thanks for stopping by my blog earlier!

    I can see where you're coming from with those covers. I quite like the Divergent cover (blue one), but as for the rest, I agree with you 100%. I dislike the UK covers of The Hunger Games so much that I've refused to buy them! I wanted the US covers to complete my set but they're only available in hardback now >.< so I may have to go with another version of the covers.

  4. Well, I like the cover of Under the Never Sky, but I'm in the U.S. and have the U.S. cover. I don't like the UK cover.

    Have a great weekend!

  5. Woa, I actually love the new Divergent cover, because I was in a similiar mood when I read it. The.. you know, sundown, summer is over, blahblah, but you're right.. It doesn't REALLY suit it. *g*

    Patricia // My FF

  6. Wow! That's a lot of odd covers! Will admit that they aren't too appealing either, but glad you ended up loving the inside!

    Here's my Friday Hops

    Have a GREAT weekend!

    Old Follower :)

  7. I like the US version of Under the Never Sky much better than the red/pink one. I agree about the UK versions of Hunger Games and Divergent...yuck!

    New GFC follower.

    Jennifer @ Feminist Fairytale Reviews

  8. Oh ! that cover for under the never sky is kind of awful, I didn't like it one bit!
    There are certain overs that I just don't like so I usually put stickers over them, which I know is bad but they are my books and I reserve the right :D

    Most of the time I go for pretty covers though.

  9. Hi! I'm a new follower, and I agree with you about the cover of Under the Never Sky. The US version has a better cover I think, and I haven't it read it yet.

  10. I don't like the Under the Never Sky cover at all. I have a different one. I do like the Divergent US cover but not the UK and I definitely like the US Hunger Games series covers better.
    Good examples.

  11. Okay - That Department 19 cover is crazy!

    Thanks for stopping by the blog. FOllowed you back!


  12. Department 19 looks a bit like a guy book from the cover, doesn't really call to us girlies to read it. The Hunger Games covers again were quite older looking than YA reads. But I have these in AUSTRALIA . I loved the story within the pages:D


    new follower, hi!

  13. I really don't like the movie/TV tie-in covers, either! I like that cover of Under the Never Sky for some reason. But I also like the other version, too. And that new UK version of Divergent is so weird and wrong! Great examples!

    My FF/TGIF

  14. I agree with you! I prefer the other cover of Under the Never Sky over this one, but I really loved the book! The cover of Divergent made me hesitate to pick it up for a couple of months but after reading it and finding out what significance the cover has, I fell in love with it ♥ Great picks!
    New follower
    - Jenni (my FF)

  15. the cover of under the never sky isn't for me either I agree. The other is so gorgeous!

    old follower

    here is mine

  16. Wow, I hadn't seen that cover for Under the Never Sky before. I agree, it's awful! So are those alternative Hunger Games covers. I have to admit, I have always loved the US Divergent cover, even though I don't think the nifty symbol had anything to do with the book. Thanks for the fun post! I'm pretty opinionated on book covers, and it's fun to see what others thinks.

    1. I think that fiery symbol is meant to be the faction symbol of Dauntless...? :)

  17. WOW !! Love it :)

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  18. I totally agree - the new UK cover for Divergent is TERRIBLE. At least I own the other version. I actually really love my UK copies of the Hunger Games though, but I have the first edition ones (where the first book has a girl staring out through the letters). I don't like the new editions they've released though - the first one (which is the same as the one in your picture) is too black and boring and Catching Fire is BRIGHT BLUE! It's strange. The white and purple is better.
    Anyways I'm a fan of your blog - new follower :)

  19. You know usually UK covers are pretty amazing. I was surprised at "The Hunger Games" UK covers.


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