Saturday, 4 February 2012

In My Mailbox (10)

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I’ve had another great week for books this week! Whilst I was very excited to receive all of them, I am particularly excited to read Jodi Picoult’s newest book, Lone Wolf, ahead of publication date! Anyone who knows me will know that I’m a big fan of hers. Other ARC and review copies include Mice - something a little different to my usual reads, but it sounds like it’s going to have me on the edge of my seat! I just love the title of Au Revoir, Crazy European Chick and I can’t wait to get reading that, as well as A Year Without Autumn, Shift and Skin Deep! I’d also like to thank Amy Joy for sending me a copy of her book, The Academie. As you may already know, I was given a brand new copy of Lenobia’s Vow which I’m hosting a giveaway for [here]!

I have had a most fantastic week for swaps! I hadn’t heard of Keesha’s House before this week, but as it’s a YA novel written in verse, I’m sure to enjoy it! I was really happy to get my hands on a copy of Battle Royale - I’ve heard a lot of people say that it’s similar to The Hunger Games which I love. Though I’ve heard mixed reviews for The DUFF, I’ve really wanted it for a while and so this was probably the most exciting swap for me this week! I’ve not yet read Unearthly (Shameful, I know), but as I’ve heard only good things about that and it’s sequel, I was pleased to get Hallowed. I’m a little unsure about reading Look at Me by Jennifer Egan, just because I thought that A Visit from the Goon Squad was a little overhyped, but the storyline sounds like my kind of thing! I also received Rot & Ruin, Split and Stolen Away this week, as well as White Cat, which I’m hoping I’ll enjoy more than Holly Black’s Tithe series. Flash Burnout appealed to me straight away due to the photography theme, Pod sounds like it could be interesting and Mad Love sounds like a lighter, fun read.

I have wanted Dairy Queen, War Horse and The Burn Journals for a very long time now, and when I found them for £2.50 each (and hardback!) online, I just had to snap them up. I wasn’t even aware that Tabitha Suzuma had a book called Without Looking Back, but I had to buy that too because although I’ve only read one of the other books, I loved it. I couldn’t stop there though and also ended up buying John Belushi Is Dead, Exit Here. and The Key to the Golden Firebird - I can’t resist contemporary YA!
The three charity shop finds this week were Breakfast at Darcy’s, Thin and Dark Heart Rising.
I think I may have bought a little too many books this week, but is there really such a thing?! 


  1. yea books r nevr enough


  2. I can't wait to read Lenobia's Vow and i also have Dairy Queen still sitting on my shelf i'll have to pick that up soon. I hope you enjoy everything you got this week and thanks for stopping by my IMM!

  3. Awesome books this week! :) Hallowed is so so good! I hope you'll like it! And The Duff I've read is fantastic!

    Enjoy your books :)

  4. Wow!You had a tremendous week! So many awesome books. I'm intrigued by Breakfast at Darcy's! I hope you can review it sometime soon!
    Enjoy your books and have a great weekend.

  5. Wow, that's a ton of books! Good ones too :) I can't believe I've never read anything by Jodi Picoult before, though I always hear great things.

  6. Wonderful haul! A lot of great books that I'm also excited about! Enjoy and happy reading!

  7. whoa, you have so many books in your mailbox O.o I want to read battle royale, too.
    happy reading! c:

  8. OOh all very nice! Gonna have to look into Lee Monroe's books now because I soooooooo looooooove that cover!

    My IMM will be up tomorrow, so be sure to stop by then!

    Have a GREAT weekend!

    Old Follower :)

  9. Cool! You got alot of books! Love it!:) I see a couple of books I want to read. Old follower. My IMM-

  10. I haven't seen Skin Deep before but it looks really good. I am going to have to check it out after I leave here. Great haul this week! Looks like you will be having fun reading.
    You can check out my IMM here.
    Dreaming In The Pages Enter My Giveaway

  11. Nice haul! You got so many books. I heard exit here is awesome. Enjoy your reads:D!

    Drop by my IMM ?

  12. I'm a huge fan of Jodi Picolut, Lone Wolf sounds great. You've got some many great books!

    Enjoy your books, Great Mailbox :)

    I love your blog design - I'm a new follower :D

  13. I've heard great things about whitecat but I don't know a lot of your books. I hope you'll enjoy them all!

    My IMM

  14. WOW!! Great haul... so jealous about Lone Wolf! I have that on my TBR list!!

    Here is my IMM

    Lindsay :)
    Turning the Pages

  15. Wow, so many great books! Enjoy reading them all.(:

  16. A LOT of great reads!

    I literally squealed out loud when I saw Picoult. She is my fave contemporary adult writer.

    Every time I go to the bookstore I pick up A Year without Autumn, so I'm curious to see what you think of it.

    Enjoy all of your new reads.

    Happy Reading!

    Wannabe Librarian's IMM

  17. Wow, that is quite a load of books! o.O
    Au Revoir Crazy European Chick reads like an action movie, fast and funny, not too deep. And White Cat is fantastic!

    Thanks for stopping by,
    Nickey @ The Book Shop Assistant

  18. Wow, great mailbox! White Cat is really good and Exit Here is one of my favorite books. I have also heard great things about Hallowed, but I haven't read Unearthly yet. Thanks for stopping by my IMM. Happy Reading :)

    Krista - Nawanda Files

  19. Wow, you had a killer week in books! I wouldn't know where to begin. I sure loved Hallowed, and I enjoy books in verse so I'm curious about Keesha's House.
    Happy reading!

  20. Awesome books! I've read and completely loved Rot & Ruin and White Cat, so if you're looking for a place to get started, both of those are awesome.

    Thanks for stopping by, and enjoy all those books!

  21. White Cat is an awesome book, I have Hallowed on my shelf as well that i have to read someday.
    Enjoy all your books!

  22. Wow, that is some sorta haul. I don't even know where I would start to comment. White Cat was good, and it was refreshing seeing a male POV. I also have DUFF, but I haven't yet managed to read it... I think I'll be making time pretty soon. Happy reading!

  23. Awesome books this week! I've read the Jennifer Egan book, 'Look at Me,' but wasn't impressed - I look forward to seeing how you enjoy it. 'Mice' and 'Thin' look interesting ... I'll be putting some of these on my wishlist! :)

    New follower!

  24. Yay Battle Royale! I liked it far more than The Hunger Games, and I really liked THG!

    I'm really looking forward to Rot and Ruin, Jonathan Maberry is one of my favourite authors.

    Thanks for stopping by and enjoy your books in all their awesomeness!


  25. You got so many books :)
    I also have Hallowed but I haven't read it yet.
    And the cover to Shit looks amazing

    Lenobia's Vow, I want to read so bad!

  26. Wow your cover for Rot & Ruin is so different than mine but really awesome! I just looked up Mice and it looks thrilling. I hadn't heard of it before. You have some great stuff there...lots of titles I hadn't heard of before but enjoyed learning about. Very exciting!

  27. Wow, you got so many books. Battle Royale is pretty amazing, though I still prefer the film, but then again I prefer it to The Hunger Games so it all depends on tastes I suppose.

    Here's my In My Mailbox

  28. i spy with my little eye Jodi Picoult! She is by far my favorite author and I cannot wait to read that book.

    Btw, great books in general. So many, many books.

    Happy reading! And thanks for stopping by.

    -Marybeth P.

  29. The new Jodi Picoult looks really good---if anyone could draw me back to adult books, it's her! LOL
    SO many great looking books! I love that cover for Stolen Away!

  30. I keep hearing so many great things about Split. I'm looking forward to seeing what you make of it. :) Great haul this week! It's great to see Hallowed up there, too. I really enjoyed that one! :)

  31. Holy Moley - not sure how to spell that one. But wow what a great mailbox!! Super awesome! There are so many to read or that I want to read I should say. I hope you enjoy all of them! I am glad you stumbled on to my blog. I love, love, love your theme!


  32. Those books are owlsome!
    ..........oh my gosh did I just write that?

    Haha enjoy!


  33. Ooh you got a ton of awesome books this week! I LOVED White Cat, a lot more than her Tithe series :) Dairy Queen was also a good book. Hope you enjoy all of these, happy reading!

  34. No you didn't get Lenobia' Vow!!! I really want to read that book! I love the House of Night series!! Ahh I'm obsessed. Lol Happy reading!
    Shae @ Understanding Shae's Story

  35. Wow! Such an awesome mailbox! I absolutely love all the books. They all look really good. I especially want to read White Cat and Stolen Away! And yay for Hallowed :]

    I hope you enjoy all the books you got! Happy Reading :]

    Thanks for stopping by <3

    Jessirae @ Words, pages and books

  36. scored some snazzy books!! That's so awesome that you got The DUFF, I love that book. Also, a friend of mine read Au Revoir, Crazy European Chick and said it was fantastic. Enjoy!! =)

    -Shanon @ Escaping With Fiction

  37. Wow !
    You got some really awesome books this week !
    Hope you enjoy them !
    Happy Reading !

    Thanks for dropping by.
    Nick @ Nick's Book Blog

  38. Holy awesome book week! There are just too many titles on here that I have been dying to read, I don't even know where to begin. I hope you enjoy all these wonderful, new books!

  39. AMAZINg IMM!!!!! SO jealous of all those fab looking books. Hope you love them all.

    IMM @ Totally Bookalicious

  40. So jealous of all the books you got. :D I've been wanting to read Battle Royale for years now ever since my cousin showed it to me on the internet. :) I also thought the DUFF and White Cat were great!

    Enjoy your books, and thanks for stopping by. :)

  41. Crazy awesome IMM!!!! I want to read so many of these! I'll admit I'm a little jealous :) I hope you love them all!

  42. Wow you got a LOT of books this week :D ! I haven't read any of them. I heard that Jodi Picoult is an amazing contemporary writer. I bought My sister's keeper last year and still need to read it. And i'm a huge fan of Holly Black faeries series so I really need to read White Cat as well :).
    I hope you'll like all these books ! Happy reading !


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