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Miracle on Regent Street

Miracle on Regent Street by Ali Harris
Paperback, 484 pages
Published October 13th 2011 by Simon & Schuster Ltd

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My rating: 3.5 of 5 stars

Description via Goodreads

Evie Taylor, a girl with a big heart, gets lost in the big city. For the past two years, Evie has lived an invisible life in London. Her neighbours think she’s just moved in, her sister mistakes her for a live-in nanny, and even Evie’s manager at work can’t remember her name. But all that is about to change …this Christmas has brought a flurry of snow and unimaginable possibilities into town. Evie works in the stockroom of an old-fashioned, family-run, London fashion department store. Hardy’s is a beautiful, wood-panelled jewellery box of a building, but it’s in dire need of a makeover. One day Evie overhears that if the entire store’s takings don’t turn round by Dec 26th – 3 weeks’ time – the family who own it will be forced to sell to one of the big chains. Hardy’s is in need of a Christmas miracle. Determined to save her beloved store, Evie hatches a plan to secretly transform it into a magical place to shop again. But has the time come for her to be noticed too? When an accidental romantic encounter with handsome, enigmatic Joel gives her the chance of a whole new identity, she takes it.
My Review

Miracle on Regent Street was a light, festive read. Straight from the beginning, we are introduced to London, where Evie works and resides. The story begins on the 1st December and the atmosphere that is created surrounding the festive holiday is almost magical. Harris manages to make London come alive with her vivid descriptions of the city. The Christmas feeling is very clear too, with the sights, sounds and smells being explored throughout the book. Evie is a likeable character, as are her friends, particularly Lily and Sam. As characters, their personalities were realistic and their thought processes seemed authentic, but their actions just didn't seem very believable. Harris did well to include a strong community of different people - different in age, culture and mannerisms. For me, Lily was one of the strongest characters and I managed to get a good, bold image of her. Sam was slightly cliché, but sweet and I found the relationship between Eve and her sister to be the most interesting, relationship in the book and I enjoyed seeing it evolve.
I feel as though the main issue with this book is that it's very unbelievable. Notably, in the sub-plot, Evie pretends to be one of her co-workers and pretty much gets away with it-something which, in the real world seems practically impossible. My other concern with this book was the length. It was fairly lengthy at nearly 500 pages, and I feel as though it could've been condensed down a lot more which would've made it, in my opinion, more enjoyable.
The storyline of friendship and Evie finding her identity made for a fine plot, it wasn't very complex, it was simple and it was seasonal. This wasn't a bad book, but it was nothing spectacular.


  1. Seeing a lot of people reading this at the moment, pondering whether to add it to my festive reading pile.

  2. I agree about the magical descriptions. This book made me feel really festive - I gave it five stars :)

  3. I have this on my TBR shelf for the festive period.

    Looking forward to reading it.

    You have a lovely blog here. Thanks for finding my blog


  4. I really love the cover. I might add this to my book pile. I really want to experience the magical description :)

  5. I've been curious about this book and think I might just pick it up as I am in the mood for a light, festive read!

    (new follower by the way *waves*)

    Page To Stage Reviews

  6. That sounds like a nice festive read. I may have to check it out. Thank you for stopping by my blog. :)

  7. Just read that you like Kate Bush. I can't wait to hear the new one!

  8. Sounds like a nice holiday read. Especially when things are hectic and you don't want anything complicated. Very nice review!

  9. Almost 500 pages is definitely lengthy, so I can see how condensing it a bit would have helped keep the book flowing a little more smoothly. Still sounds like a fun read for the holidays though, even with the few flaws you mentioned!

    Thanks for visiting and following my blog, I'm now a new follower here as well:)

  10. I haven't heard of this book, but it definitely sounds like a nice read. Too bad it was a little long, seems they might have trimmed the fat.
    Thanks for sharing!

  11. I've never heard of this neither, but I absolutely love the cover! Definitely have to check this out :) Thanks for stopping by!

    Monaliz @ Mind Reading?

  12. I really love the cover. But the length and the unbelievable thing sort of puts me off from reading it :(
    Great review and thank you for stopping by my blog :)

  13. This one sounds really cute!! :D
    I'm going to try to get my paws on it! Thanks for sharing


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