Friday, 23 December 2011

In My Mailbox (3)

In My Mailbox (IMM) is hosted by The Story Siren
In My Mailbox is a place to showcase your new books,
whether you obtained them through the post or otherwise.

I know that this is rather soon after posting my last IMM only four days ago, but as I'd prefer my next IMM post to be books to be those that I get on Christmas Day, I thought I'd do a quick post now to show you what I've received in the past four days.

I've not been very successful in finding any books about angels that I've yet enjoyed, but with all of the hype surrounding Unearthly, I thought that I'd give this one a try. I bought it from eBay for a couple of pounds, and hopefully it'll live up to the hype it's had. I'm really excited to read this one!

I received these four books via swap, this week.
Though I have had mixed thoughts on some of Trisha Ashley's books, I'm extremely excited to read The Magic of Christmas. I read The Twelve Days of Christmas by Ashley last year and it quickly became one of my favourite books. This one may have to wait til next Christmas to be read, but I'm excited all the same!
The English Patient has had quite a few awards with a lot of praise. I'm very interested in World War Two and its history, so this one should be fascinating.
I thought that Jessica Verday described a fantastic setting in The Hollow, although there were quite a few faults, I am looking forward to seeing how the story progresses in The Haunted.
I'm still yet to read the first in The Numbers series, but I'm hoping it will be good enough for me to want to read the second book - The Chaos.


Unfortunately this is an award and tag free zone - Whilst I appreciate the thought, I simply don't have the time to pass them on.

Please feel free to leave a reply, I read and appreciate them all!


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