Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Christmas Bookmark Giveaway!

International Bookmark Giveaway!
As I've recently opened this blog, and in the spirit of Christmas, I've decided to create a giveaway to celebrate!

I'm going to give you all the chance to win 5 handmade, Christmas themed bookmarks that will look something like these:

There will be 3 lucky winners!
How do you enter?
It's simple - All you have to do is be a GFC follower of this blog and fill out the form.
If you're wanting to follow me on Twitter/Facebook or want the Giveaway Button, look to the left hand of this page where you will find all you need for extra entries!

Giveaway runs from December 6th to December 14th .
Unfortunately, I can't guarantee you'll get these *before* Christmas (due to the postal system) but I will post them ASAP!

Click here to enter!


  1. These are gorgeous - I also love your sweet owl background x

  2. Oh, these are gorgeous! :D *Just entered* <3
    PS: Thank you for commenting on my WoW and for following me. <3 :) And yeah, you really must read Anna ;D
    Love, Carina

  3. What a cute giveaway! I put the button on my contests/giveaways page!

  4. Great giveaway! thank you for stopping by my blog. I'm following you now as well!

  5. Love this giveaway. Those bookmarks are cute. Thanks for following me and visiting my blog :) I followed you back. :)

  6. Thanks for this giveaway! =)

  7. Very cute bookmarks and idea! I love homemade gifts and bookmarks.

    Thank you so much for the follow <3


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