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Angels in the Snow

Angels in the Snow by Sarah Morgan
Paperback, 384 pages

Published October 1st 2010 by Mills & Boon

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My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Description via Goodreads

Have yourself a very magical Christmas, full of romance and sparkles! Stella Martin has come back home to the Lake District for Christmas. But is she brave enough to face the man who proposed, then immediately dumped her two Christmas Eve's before? Daniel Buchannan is not looking forward to Christmas - and even less when Stella reappears in the village. But this year will be different! Patrick Buchannan has to make Christmas special for his kids. Luckily, his son Alfie has a plan to make it happen. Alfie knows a lot about the magic of Christmas. And when snowflakes are falling, Christmas carols are ringing out, and the hills of the Lake District are shimmering in the snow, it's possible to believe in Christmas miracles.

My Review

Angels in the Snow is a feel-good, easy to read Christmas book which centers around two main characters. This story is seperated into two parts, the first telling the story of Daniel and Stella and the second telling the story of his twin brother Patrick, and Hayley. Both stories come together at the end, leaving us with a satisfying ending.
Whilst I found Patrick to be the more attractive and the stronger character out of the twins, I actually found Daniel's story to be more effective and enjoyable. I felt that there was slightly more depth and emotion within the story of Daniel and Stella, as well as it feeling slightly more realistic. Although it was Patrick and Hayley who were meant to have more of an instant spark, I thought that the chemistry between Daniel and Stella to be a lot stronger. Daniel was a little brash for me at times, but I loved Stella. She seemed very down to earth and had a great personality. Her firm friendship with Patrick was lovely.
Alfie, Patrick's child and Daniel's nephew, features in both stories and keeps them connected together in a skillful way. He is only meant to be ten years old, but seems to have more insight than his age. He is a likeable character and his humour is certainly that of a charming child. He really manages to bring all of the family together.
This is an engaging read, as long as you don't look too far into it. It is very predictable and rather quite unrealistic - especially the second story - but overlooking this, it is an enjoyable Christmas book that should leave you with a glow.


  1. This sounds really cute, I love reading Christmas stories so I'm going to try to check it out :D

    Thanks for your review.

  2. You are speeding through these Christmas books!

  3. This looks so cute! I might have to put this on my potential Christmas list for next year. I had this whole list of books I wanted to read around Christmas time last year and I was a major Scrooge all holiday season so I didn't read any of them. lol Hopefully this year goes better for those Christmas books that need to be read. :)

  4. Not that I celebrate Christmas, but it sounds like such an amazing Christmas story, one you'd read with a hot cocoa in your hand in front of a fire place :)

  5. i think this is a amazing books,, i love a christmas story..
    nice riview..


  6. I read this last year and really enjoyed it. it's not one I will re read as it's a bit obvious what would happen. I tend to think Christmas books have to be really brilliant to be able to re read. Please find time to check out my blog

  7. Patrick is Daniel's twin brother; he was left alone with his children, since his wife walked out on him that same Christmas two years ago. Is Patrick now ready to move forward with his life and look for a new relationship? Son Alfie takes the matter into his own hands, helping fate along the way.


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